Thursday, June 2, 2011

Construction of a Magnetic Apron

When I begin an apron even though I know how it will look in the end, I am always excited to see it happen!

My aprons are all one of a kind creations. Each will have it's own quirks, and none will be perfect! I will reuse a pattern, but no two will be alike. Usually because I only have enough fabric to make 1 apron. I get my fabric from the usual sources, Hobby Lobby, Hancocks and walmart. It just depends on what floats my boat when I see it. I also use unusual sources for fabric. Tag sales, Thrifts, my friends! So when I make an apron it is something different, special because no one will have one exactly like it. That is what makes it fun to sew them!

This apron was made specifically with my dear friend Gina in mind. Her fave color is aqua. I did not envision a solid color apron for her though. Hers needed to be fun and a touch funky. This material has been in my stash (my stash will keep me in business for at least 3 months even if I do not buy any more fabric!)for quite awhile awaiting my inspiration.

I decided to make her a prototype of my magnetic apron. The purpose of the magnetic apron is it is strapless. I do this so that ladies who want a full bib apron but are like me, detesting straps around the neck, can have the best of both worlds. Also, I liked the style of the buttoned aprons from the 40's. However I do not think ladies today would be willing to sew buttons to their blouses for the apron!

I also work hard to make sure there is no unraveling of the fabric. I fold it over twice, and iron the fold to make sewing it easier.

So here are the pics!

The fabric and ties:

Ironing the ties:

The ties are salvaged from this altered apron project

Sewing the pocket:


Ironing the seams:

Sew Sew Sew:

Picking out the perfect buttons:

Making the buttons into magnets:


What I felt like afterwards:

There you have it, how I make this particular style of apron.

I will take pics of each apron I make, both for sale and for my own personal collection!

Keep on Sewin' y'all!


  1. I love it!! I would love to have one also :o) Something in a pretty pink.... :o) lol
    How does the magnets work though? I'm having a hard time picturing it. Can you post a picture of it on? (It's Carrie from facebook)

  2. Hi Carrie!
    The magnets are tiny, the button one goes outside the apron, the plain one goes inside the blouse.
    Together they hold the apron bib up!

  3. Magnets - what a great idea!